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We believe that kids have superpowers! The Kids4CPR Superhero Program empowers our students with the knowledge to save lives and the ability to teach their family and friends to do the same. Learn more about students who are making a difference in their community!


“I was a carefree ten year old when my life changed forever. On May 27, 2009, my family got the news that my 28 year old Aunty Kristin passed away. It was tragic! How could someone so young and healthy pass away so unexpectedly? We later learned that her passing was due to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest? We had no idea what it was. However, 4 months later, my grandma met Pam Foster and our lives have not been the same since. Pam taught us what SCA was, how it could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and how CPR and an AED could save lives. We decided to make something of our loss, choosing to spread awareness through schools and kids, and our foundation started. I became a certified CPR instructor at the age of eleven. Pam, my grandma, and our team have taught and spread awareness to thousands of people about CPR, AED usage and most importantly how to take charge and save a life in need. My lovely aunty is the inspiration that began Hawaii Heart Foundation, and she will be remembered forever.”

- Bailey









Bailey established the first Lifesavers Club while in her senior year at Kamehameha Schools Kapalama and served as its president. The Lifesavers Club teaches its members how to do CPR and use an AED, the members then go on to teach fellow students and community members. Today, Bailey continues to serve as an instructor for Hawaii Heart Foundation and empowers hundreds of children to be superheroes and save lives every year.


CPR Superheroes of Kalani HS


The Kalani Health Academy program is the embodiment of what Hawaii Heart Foundation strives to establish schools statewide. With Hawaii Heart’s guidance, in 2011 a group of Kalani students created the Ourbeat CPR program to fulfill a class requirement, deciding to teach students within the community basic CPR and use of an AED. Fast forward to present, each senior in the Health Academy is required to design & execute a major event (like a Health Fair, Fitness Fair or Ourbeat Training) in order to pass the class and to meet State Health Pathway Standards. The Kalani Health Academy teacher, Audie Kimura says “I feel that having students practice/teach what they learned (to an audience outside the KHS fishbowl), is one of the highest levels of learning.”

Every year Health Academy students provide Ourbeat classes to students at neighboring feeder schools and to fellow Kalani classmates, teachers and staff. The Kalani Health Academy program has been operating autonomously since 2014, only seeking Hawaii Heart for guidance and support.


“All students enrolled in the Teen Health class learn and get certified on how to provide First Aid/CPR and use an AED. In the beginning, we discuss the importance and value having this education.  We discuss the resources available (or limited availability) in Waianae such as the low number of ambulances in the community.  We talk about how many of them live with Aunty/Uncle, Grandma/Grandpa, little cousins, etc... and that it could be awhile before help gets there, so it is important to have the knowledge to be able to help and save a life. I get students onboard by having them see the importance of this knowledge and how it applies to their everyday life.  We discuss events that have taken place in the community and the potential impact if others had this training.  Then I teach students the curriculum but always expand on certain topics and bring it to life for them.  I make projects out of it and get the kids really involved as often as possible through hands on activities.”

-Monica Delvalle, Teen Health Teacher

CPR Superheroes of Waianae Intermediate

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